Eddie Lenihan and The Other Crowd

In mid-September of 2011, some meEddie Lenihan Book Signingmbers of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, plus a couple of friends, took a bus tour around Ireland.  Our primary focus was to visit as many stone circles, dolmens, passage tombs, and other sacred sites from the ancient Celtic world as possible during our ten days.  It was, for many of us, the trip of a lifetime, as well as wonderful time spent with good friends.

One evening, toward the end of our trip, we were treated to an extraordinary visit with author and storyteller Eddie Lenihan.  I was fortunate to have a recording device with me, and recorded more than an hour of his stories.  Here it is for your listening pleasure, and for the sake of the magick in this world.

Books by Eddie Lenihan:

Meeting the Other Crowd

Irish Tales of Mystery & Magic

Devil is an Irishman

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