Dark Moon Visioning: Eclipse

Eclipse LakeOn opening the Holly Chalice for our Dark Moon visioning this night, I hear the moan and roar of the highway.  As I shut my eyes, it follows me down to the Lake of Visioning like howling ghosts in the darkness. The water is illuminated by the setting Sun, now moving into eclipse as it  conjuncts the Moon in the sign of Pisces. Boundaries collapse and our Shadows leap out towards us in the gathering darkness. Will we greet them as friends and allies, or run from them in a panic?

I can see that the lake edge has become a wide and endless track; cars, trucks, and motorcycles race around it in ever-faster circles, rushing to find the exit that will never appear. The water throws back dancing, flame-like light, and the frightened hoard drive onward. Faster, ever faster.

Pisces dissolves us, and we become one. The track of cars becomes a ribbon of golden light and darkness, encircling the shining black lake.  Like a flow of lava, or the primal pulse of light and darkness.  Fear, anger, and pain transform into a partnership of duality, and we write our stories from a place of power and hope.  Here is the turning point; we can step through the frightening image into a world of our own making, a world powered by that which we had feared the most.

Take a breath, and the vision dissolves back into the flicker of candles as we return to our quiet home. The soft breath of sleeping dog and cats, and the bubbling of a pot on the stove holds the traffic at bay for a little while. Remember the vision of your own making, and hold it in your heart.

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