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The Saturday evening Gala has always been a great opportunity to create new friendships, renew old friendships, and let your hair down with like minded people. In addition to the merriment, there is also a silent auction and a mercifully brief live auction to raise funds for the New Alexandrian Library.

The Gala ticket, the Gala includes snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, a performance, and dancing. There is also a cash bar at the Gala. 

$25 For the Gala that is a fundraiser for the New Alexandrian Library in advance or at the door.

$30 For the Gala at the door if you are not attending the conference.

Gala Ticket(s)
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Auction Donations:

If you have something that you’d like to donate to the auction please contact us at: We will have previews of some of the items for the auction closer to the event.

What To Wear?

We encourage you to dress up from any time period or place, real... or imagined. Victorian, steampunk, goth, cirque noir, renfaire, and Fae are among the many options for the night. If that doesn’t work then go elegant, formal wear, or leather and lace, or ?. You are a one of the stars of the event and what you wear contributes to the mood for all. Even if you don’t have the time or interest to create or buy fanciful garb, we bet that you have something to wear that makes you look amazing.

The Band & Entertainers
(More Will Be Announced In A Few Months)

Seven Shadows

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Dark Electo Synthpop music from the Mind of Ricco Black . Influences from Sisters of Mercy to Depeche Mode. Signed to Cleopatra Records, we are Seven Shadows out of Ft. Lauderdale FL, a 3 piece Electronic Synth-pop band with a slightly darker edge. We bring a live performance with dance-able and club ready music, while incorporating Guitars, Bass and Vocals for a true live experience. Our influences range from Synth-pop, Dark Wave, New Wave, and Electro-pop, including such artist as Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, OMD, Human League, New Order and NIN.

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