About Keepers of the Holly Chalice

Who We Are

Keepers of the Holly Chalice is a Wiccan coven based in North-Central Maryland. We draw from many sources for our rituals, celebrations, and magick, with a focus on mythic lore, Astrology, and Qabala. We are members of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel which arose from our beginnings in 1984 and later became incorporated as a Wiccan tradition. The Assembly currently has thirteen covens ranging from Southern Delaware to Northern New Jersey and westward to the outskirts of Washington, D.C. As a service to the community, we sponsor a number of open circles, workshops, and social gatherings each year. Our activities take place in Harford County Maryland.

Why A Holly Chalice?

After much group discussion and visioning, we agreed that the ideas of nurturance, creativity and foresight (among others) were important to us and that a chalice was a good symbol for these qualities. Holly was chosen for its strength, protective qualities and Saturn associations. The Chalice itself was consecrated in 1986 when the Full Sun of the Summer Solstice conjoined with a Full Moon. It was reconsecrated in 1996 when a silver lining was created for the Chalice. All magical groups or traditions create a group mind — an energy pattern that overlights the individuals and the group. The more coherent this pattern is, the more effective a group’s workings and actions will be. Using a physical focus, such as the Holly Chalice, speeds the establishment of such an energy pattern and helps to maintain its integrity.

Our Sigil

The KHC sigil echoes the shape of a chalice raised to catch the light. It is also a symbol of the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life in Qabala.

Sun | Tiphareth | Gold
8 rays for the 8 Sabbats.

Moon | Yesod | Silver
Crescent up to cup the Sun.

Earth | Malkuth | Green
10 points for the 10th Sphere.
The Holly leaf of life growing on Earth.

KHC sigil


Membership in Keepers requires a six month getting acquainted period, a letter of intent, and the consent of the current members. Keepers does have a size limit and at times closes to new membership. Feel free to ask one of our officers for more information.

About the Donation Basket

When you attend an event hosted by Keepers of the Holly Chalice or our parent organization, The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, you will often notice a bowl or basket set out for donations. Because we are run on a strictly volunteer basis, all funds for our events come from our members and those of our guests who wish to make a contribution. Your donations are always welcome and never compulsory. We make no expectation from first-time visitors.