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We invite you to join us for a weekend of exploring the mysteries of the powers and godforms of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as taught by the incomparable Dolores Asfcroft-Nowicki.

Eight out of ten people know their star sign even if they know nothing else about Astrology. Strangely enough, in my 45 years of teaching I have found only a small contingent of people who have probed into the mystical side of Astrology. Their attention has been in the characterisation and prognostication areas. This has prompted me to put together a workshop that looks into the mythic, symbolic, and higher levels of these ancient and highly influential powers. 

In this workshop I am not concerned with prediction or even, except in passing , the characteristics shown by the natives of each sign. I will be looking at the influence of their Powers on our spiritual natures, the contact with the “Gods” who from ancient times have been associated with them. How deep do these contacts go in each of us?  How can they be made even closer? Is it possible that the myths surrounding those Gods can affect our lives? What can the planetary symbos tell us if we dissect them into their several parts. What spiritual effect does this information have oin us….if any?

It is not always understood that we are not just Sun in Cancer with Virgo rising, or a natal Taurus with Scorpio in opposition, we are a whole Zodiac and we will re-act to each sign as the sun passes through it to a greater or lesser degree.

I am not an astrologer, I can put up a very rough chart and make a stab at an equally rough interpretation but, I know about influences from the past  affecting the present and it is this is the area at which we will be looking . 

The Ritual will “The Dancers of the Sun”. White or black robes.

— © 2013  D. Ashcroft-Nowicki

Do not miss this rare opportunity to sit with a Master Adept 
of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Please Note: 

There will also be a freestanding Monday night lecture as a fundraiser for the New Alexandrian Library Project. More details here.

At Seelie Court In Southern Delaware