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The 7th Uranus Pluto Square

As you may know, the date for the Between The Worlds conference is always set by the dates of significant astrological occurrences. The last five Between The World conference’s main rituals were focused on the turning from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. From June 24, 2012 to March 16, 2015 there are seven Uranus (in Aries) Pluto (in Capricorn) squares.The sharp combination of these planetary forces provokes evolution, revolution, tremendous progress, or tremendous destruction that affects the full range from the individual, to communities, to nations, to the world. 

The choices made during this sequence of Uranus Pluto squares determines much for the next 2000 years or so. The goal then of the main ritual at the 2015 Between The Worlds is to maximize evolution and to minimize harm. It is rare to have a sequence of seven of these squares. The next year after this set that Uranus and Pluto square is not until 2073, and I calculated as far forwards as 2850 and could not find another sequence of seven squares. It is our hope that the main ritual will instill us with the wisdom, courage, and resilience to find our way to mend the world.

- Ivo

The Meaning Of The BTW 2015 Logo

Two astrological glyphs in the background are Pluto and Uranus. The glyph for Uranus is the alternate version that looks like a combination of the Sun and Mars, but with Mar’s arrow pointed upwards. The alternate glyph carries more of the evolutionary and higher mind nature of Uranus. The two pronged staff has many meanings in this logo. It is Hades' two pronged staff, it is the stang of traditional witchcraft, and it represents the World Tree as well. The small sphere that has a quartered center represents Malkuth, the Earth, swirling in a flux of change. The quartered circle above it is the circle of the Zodiac in the Astral, in Yesod. The red glyph for Aries is present because Uranus is in the Sign of Aries. The two palm fronds echo the shape of the glyph for Aries and remind us that it is also the green life power of Spring. The crossed lightning bolts repesents the interaction of the Square between Pluto and Uranus and echo the quartered circles below operating at another level. Between the two prongs of the staff/stang floats a goat skull emblazoned with one of the glyphs for Capricorn that echoes the number 7 and the shape of the Sea-Goat. This represents the Pluto’s place in Capricorn at this time. The two prongs and the the two background glyphs of the Planets also give the feeling of a portal or a passage. 

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