Updated 6/6/03

Artist's Statement:

   Inspiration for my work comes from many different places, but mostly, it comes from the worlds within myself. The figures that I paint come to me in many different forms. Sometimes, I feel as though the subjects of my paintings are beings from elsewhere who wish to be heard in this world. I am their channel for communication.

   Art, music and literature have long been an active part of my life, and frequently have provided me with inspiration. I have long admired the Pre-Raphaelites of 19th century England, who were rebelling against the ugliness of the Industrial Age. Sometimes I feel as though I am rebelling against the coldness of the Information Age. Music and literature that speak to me of other times and other places fuel my imagination, and can send my work into those other realms.

   As always, mythology and folklore remain an important source for me as well. Goddesses who represent the strength of the Eternal Feminine remind me of the strength within us mere mortal women. They are reminders of the wells of strength within each of us.

   I paint with watercolor because I love its flowing, watery, almost intuitive nature. One can control watercolor, yet it retains its own unpredictable nature. Like life, it has a tendency to turn out in a way I don't always plan. I enjoy this about it, however, and enjoy working with the challenge of finding that middle ground between the idiosyncrasies of the paint, and my own abilities.

Purchase Information:

   All prints come in 8 1/2" x 11" size, matted to 11" x 14". All prints are then covered with a crystal clear plastic bag for protection. All prints are $30.00.

   If you wish to purchase a print, please mail a check or money order, along with the title(s) you are interested in to:

Helena Domenic
3925 James St., Apt B3
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

   Please include $5.00 for shipping and handling.
At this time, I am not set up to accept credit cards, but hope to be in the near future.


   If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please email me at mailto:Helenabean@aol.com and let me know which painting you are interested in. My paintings range between $200 and $500.