Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel Code Of Ethics

•   Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do what you will.

•   The duty of every member is to seek the knowledge of why they were born into this lifetime, culture, and time so that they may fulfill the goals of their incarnation.

•   Members are charged with the sacred responsibility of passing on magickal and  spiritual teachings to all who seek and desire them.  Members are encouraged to extend the teachings through research, and to act as stewards for the elder lore.

•   In determining the ethical status of any action or position consider whether or not there will be a long term increase in the richness, diversity, and viability of the community as a whole, with community being taken to mean the life of the Earth in all its forms and essences.

•   In making your choices bring into as great a harmony as you are capable the competing and/or cooperating web of  duties, responsibilities, results, and consequences.

•   In coming to a conclusion use the Three Modes of Thought and the Five Wits, avoiding over-reliance on any one way of reaching a judgment.  

 The Three Modes are summarized as:

   —   the Reductive/Analytical, 

   —   the Creative/Aesthetic, and 

   —   the Ecological/Conservative.  

The Five Wits are named as:

Heart, Imagination, Intelligence, Courage, and Spiritual Hope.

•   All acts that interfere with the free will or the evolutionary process of an individual are considered baneful.  All acts that interfere with the free will or the evolutionary process of a population are considered baneful.

•   As bearers of the divine spark of the Great Ones, we are called to look for the presence of the divine in all the beings that we interact with in our lives using higher love as our guide.

•   We should be ever mindful that the Earth is our mother and honor that 

sacred relationship.

We Are A Legally Recognized 501(c)3 Religious Non-Profit Organization