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PagaNet News
Imbolg ‘02, volume IX, issue 1

A Dream Whose Time Is Coming: 21 Chants For Rituals And Devotional Ceremonies by Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. Distributed by Serpentine Music, PO Box 2564, Sebastopol, CA 95473. 707-8237425. $16. Copyright 2001.

Reviewed by Aranea

If you are looking for a great chants CD, look no further. Here's a collection you can really sink your teeth into. Recorded under a full moon in a temple dome in the forest of Seelie Court, the magick present in the moments of recording is clearly audible.

Some of the chants are accompanied by harp, flute, drum, and other assorted sounds. But even without music, the a cappella voices are lovely, rich and harmonious, and the acoustics are perfect. I found myself wanting to learn the lyrics, so I could sing along throughout the entire session. Unfortunately, the words aren't included on the sleeve, but they are available on the Assembly's web site. No 'net access? That's ok too... you can get them via mail as well.

The coolest thing about this CD is that all proceeds from purchases go toward the creation of the New Alexandrian Library, scheduled to open its doors in 2010, if not before. This will be a fantastic reference and research resource worthy of its namesake, with books, periodicals, special collections, music, digital data, onsite workstations and much more. For more info on the Library, visit www.sacred wheel.org/nal.html.

Highly recommended.

Full Circle
volume 2, issue 2

By Artemis Nemesis Stormphoenix

Excerpt from the Music Reviews column

.... On the other hand, my expectations of “A Dream Whose Time is Coming” (created by members of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and friends), were more than met - they were exceeded. These beautiful chants serve a twofold purpose.

First, if you learn the words and rhythm, you will find that these chants meet all your ritual needs. During my December Full Moon ritual, “Call to the Moons"”was the perfect background chant! These chants are light and fast paced, so you never get bored with them. Some include instruments, such as “Samhain Revels”, but the lovely voices have no need of accompaniment. There are also some tracks sung only by the ladies and some sung only by the men. From honoring the god (“Herne Who Hears”) to inviting the goddess (“Isis, Aset”), you will find these chants fit most any purpose.

And the second reason for you to own this CD is to simply enjoy it! I, for one, was delighted to learn that Damiara (of the Circle of the Sapphire Star) appeared on this CD, because I have had the privilege to hear her sing at Soulstice. The voices here are each unique and blend beautifully to weave musical magick! I give "A Dream Whose Time is Coming" our highest rating - 5 pentagrams.

Serpentine Music Website
Anne Hill

This beautiful new recording of chants for rituals and devotional ceremonies was produced to support the New Alexandrian Library Project, an interfaith effort to collect materials from all spiritual traditions. Recorded "under a full moon in a temple dome in the forest of Seelie Court," in southern Delaware, the chants are very well rehearsed by a chorus, with some light instrumentals behind. Lyrics and sound clips are available on the website. If you are looking for fresh new chants, I highly recommend this; it is one of the better chant albums I have heard in a while..

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