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About The Weekend:


This is an immersive experience in the Hermetic Tree of Life taught with Pagan sensibilities. There will be workshops, pathworkings, a ritual, and evening discussions. The teachers will be Elders and 3rd degree initiates of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

The ritual involves literally walking the Lightening Flash from Malkuth to Kether with the experience of a mini-ritual within each Sphere. The glyph of the Tree is laid out in 9 foot circles connected by paths covering a large field. Climbing The Tree is an incredible experience to plant the tree deep with yourself. Bring ritual garb if you have it. There can be roughly 10-15 people in the ritual per run. During the rituals we will be running Qabala pathworkings and workshops.

To be clear, you will get to experience the ritual at least once. When you are not in the ritual you have access to various classes and pathworkings about the Hermetic Tree of Life. Also, you do not have to attend the entire event but we encourage you to attend as much as your schedule permits. There is no discount for only attending a portion of the weekend.

Unless You Have Specific Schedule Constraints 
We Will Schedule When You Will Experience The Ritual.

The evening discussions will start as formal discussions, salons, then transition to social times.

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