The New Alexandrian Library

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This project is working to create a library worthy of its namesake. By no later than 2012 the New Alexandrian Library will open its doors.
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The dome kit is being delivered Saturday February 26, 2011 and construction will start shortly thereafter.

A Modern Resource For Metaphysical Communities

Once, the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt served as the focal point for esoteric knowledge. This project is working to create a library worthy of its namesake. The New Alexandrian Library will be a modern, state of the art facility, comparable to the quality of a university library.

A Dream Whose Time Is Coming

Books, periodicals, special collections, music, media, digital data, etc., will all be carefully cataloged and cross-referenced to ease the work of research. The Library will work to restore and to preserve rare and damaged documents. The history of our magickal communities will also be collected for the future. In addition to its physical presence, the New Alexandrian Library will have an internet component to maximize its utility. Over time, as much material as is possible, within the limits of logistics and legalities, will be available online. The New Alexandrian Library will be primarily a research and reference library; there will be a small lending collection. It will provide onsite workstations and other facilities. We are also examining housing options for people engaging in long term research. The New Alexandrian Library's resources will act as a magnet that will draw together teachers, authors, and scholars from many paths. There is no other project working to create such a cultural focus and magnet. Like the original Great Library of Alexandria, the schools of Qabala in medieval Spain, and the flourishing of magick that occurred in renaissance Italy, the diverse confluence of minds and resources would result in great leaps forward in theory and practice. The New Alexandrian Library will be one of the cornerstones of a new magickal renaissance. The benefits for future generations are incalculable. Like many academic libraries, the New Alexandrian Library will make space available for community activities. The New Alexandrian Library will host exhibits, offer meeting space for religious groups, and have a garden that will be available for rituals and events such as weddings and handfastings.

Inclusive Of All Spiritual Traditions

The New Alexandrian Library will be collecting materials from all religious traditions focusing on their mystical and the spiritual writings. Like the original Alexandrian Library in ancient Egypt, it will be an interfaith crossroads.

Your Support Is Needed

You can play an important part in bringing this dream into reality. Although donations of books and other materials will be welcome, the immediate need is for the funds to build the library. There will be a sculpture of a tree in the library that will bear the names of those that make sponsoring donations. The names will be engraved on small plaques in the shapes of leaves, flowers, fruits, and stars mounted on the tree. See our website for details on making larger donations. The land (30 acres) for this project has been donated as well as the architectural plans. The New Alexandrian Library will be located in the sacred woods of Seelie Court in Southern Delaware. The New Alexandrian Library will be under the aegis of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and as such donations are tax deductible.

Leaf- Gifts of $250 and over
Flower- Gifts of $1000 and over
Fruit- Gifts of $2500 and over
Star- Gifts of $5000 and over

      All donations regardless of their amount will be posted on a webpage of honor. To keep abreast of developments and to offer your assistance write or email us at:

Assembly of the Sacred Wheel
14914 Deer Forest Rd.,
Georgetown, DE 19947