Merry Meet, and welcome to our site. We thank you for visiting and hope you will find information here that is helpful in your Spiritual quest. 

Grail of the Birch Moon is the eleventh coven in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.  It is based on the beliefs and practices of Traditional Wicca and the larger Western Magical Tradition of which we are a part.  We gather to celebrate the cycles of the seasons and work to improve our relationships with ourselves, Divinity , and each other.  We revere and respect the natural world.

We believe that both masculine and feminine energies are to be honored and utilized in our spiritual practices. We welcome diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, single or partnered, that are interested in pursuing a positive Wiccan path. We encourage our members to learn and work with alternative healing practices. While we are committed to a Wiccan tradition, we also feel that it is very important to experience and share information with other Traditions, Churches, Lodges, etc. There is much we can learn from and teach each other.

The location of the coven and most of its activities will be centered in and around New Castle County, Delaware. We will formally dedicate in 2012 and will be engaged in working toward stabilizing the energies of our members in the formation of our coven.  We will be working in conjunction with Keepers of the Holly Chalice to offer open rituals and other events to allow opportunities for you to find out more about us.  If you are interested in joining our coven, we encourage you to attend as many gatherings as possible with us so that we can get to know each other.

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