Welcome to the coven website of the Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag, a 501c3 organization serving the Wiccan community of Maryland, Virginia and DC. We have classes and ritual predominantly in Kensington, MD.

We are the sixth coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tradition, which was started in 1984 by a unique group of individuals who came together from their own spiritual paths to form a group of great diversity and openness of spirit to learning and faith. The Sacred Wheel is a series of covens within 12 Zodiacal circles, which form a larger single unit.

The pattern of the Tradition's structure is designed to create a powerful and subtle interweaving of the cycles of nature, the levels of reality, and the evolution of spirit.

Each coven is permitted 21 members, and two solitaries. The Tradition follows a code of ethics, which includes the Wiccan Rede, a willingness to teach others and the importance of honoring the Earth and its inhabitants.

It is the mission of the Assembly as well as the Fellowship to foster an environment of great learning, spiritual evolution and celebration through the Sabbats and ritual, as well as the support and understanding one can receive from peers.

Each of the 13 covens is different - allowing for the cross-fertilization and development of ideas and skills.

Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag's coven is aligned with Fire of Air: the Impassioned Message. Those messages/lessons learned are shared with our community in both lectures as well as community service.

We are dedicated to the Quest for Faith - the learning about one's individual role in their present life, discovering what skills the Divine has bestowed upon them and then using that skill to serve the Divine as well as mankind. It is through service that we shall truly understand our gifts and our reason for being her in this present incarnation. Our emphasis is on self-development and connection with deity through guided meditations, pathworkings and embodiment of the divine. Our particular coven is also devoted to service - to the community, to the land and to the divine.

The Divine is acknowledged by many names and cultures - all of them are honored in our circle. We primarily honor the Celtic pantheon and the mythos for celebrating the Wheel of the Year as well as most of our modes of learning. We include the teachings of the Eastern and Western traditions such as Qabala, astrology, meditation, Shaman journeying, divination, chant, mantra and more.

All are welcome to come and celebrate. If you are interested in membership, please look within our site for that information and follow the suggested instructions for contacting the HPS of this coven.

This website has pertinent information about our tradition, the coven itself, the leadership that guides it as well as other important information. Please take the time to look through our site regularly as it is updated periodically.

Blessings on you as you seek to find the path on your quest for faith.


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