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Covens of the
Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

Keepers Of The Holly Chalice

Wilmington, DE
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Coven of the Rowan Star

Georgetown, DE
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Oak & Willow

Drexel Hill, PA
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Weavers Of The Moonfire

Delaware County, PA
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Guardians of the Windsword

Georgetown, DE
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Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag

Silver Spring, MD
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Troupe of the Starry Door

Georgetown, DE
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Chalice of Living Stars

Chester County, PA
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Elders of the Assembly:
Helena Domenic, Ivo Dominguez, Jr. , and Michael Smith.

Oak & Willow

Oak and Willow is a Wiccan religious organization and member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, whose Tradition is drawn upon the Western Magickal Path and Wiccan spirituality. We are a group of individuals who feel drawn to an earth-based spirituality who gather to celebrate the cycles of the moon and sun, passages of life and death and to work for positive change within our own lives as well as the lives of those around us. We strive to live in harmony with nature, and its cycles guided by the strength and enduring qualities of the Oak tree and the resilient, nurturing energies of the Willow.

Oak and Willow is the Air/Sword Coven of the Circle of Pisces within the Assembly Tradition. In keeping with the elemental properties of Air and the sword we value education in the esoteric studies and knowledge acquired both from books and experiential practice.

We are located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and host several open events throughout the year. We are currently seeking potential members and issue advance invitations to our events to those wishing to learn more about our coven.

It is the collective hope of Oak and Willow (and all of the Assembly) that our Tradition can be a vital force in the Pagan community and bring about positive change. Blessed Be!

For more information: Email Robin

Oak & Willow's Page

Weavers of the Moonfire

Weavers of the Moonfire is a Wiccan coven in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel that is dedicated to education and change. We explore the multitudes of paths that are available to the magickal practitioner. These include but are not limited to Qabala, Astrology, British/Celtic mythology, healing systems, chant. We host opportunities for people to get to know our covens members and way for those interested in membership.

Moonfire holds the staff of the Circle of Pisces and was the third coven to form in the Assembly.

For more information call: Fred (610) 328- 7037
Carm Or Steve

Moonfire's Web Site

Keepers of the Holly Chalice

Keepers of the Holly Chalice is Wiccan coven based in Delaware. Keepers was founded under a Pisces Sun in 1984, and held its first ritual as a group on Beltane of that year. We draw from many sources for our rituals, celebrations, and magic, but Celtic lore, Astrology, and the Qabala are especially important to us. We are members of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a new Tradition that grew from us. As a service to the community we sponsor a number of open circles, workshops, and social gatherings.

Why A Holly Chalice?
After much group discussion and visioning we agreed that the ideas of nurturance, creativity, and foresight (among others) were important to us and that a chalice was a good symbol for these qualities. Holly was chosen for its strength, protective qualities, and Saturn associations. The Chalice itself was consecrated in 1986 when the Full Sun of the Summer Solstice conjoined with Full Moon. All magical groups or traditions create a group mind - an energy pattern that overlights the individuals and the group. The more coherent this pattern is the more effective a group's workings and actions will be. Using a physical focus, such as the Holly Chalice speeds the establishment of such an energy pattern and helps to maintain its integrity.

Membership in Keepers requires a six month getting acquainted period, a letter of intent, and the consent of the current members. Feel free to ask one of our officers for more information.

The KHC sigil echoes the shape of a chalice raised to catch the light. It is also a symbol of the middle pillar in the Qabala.
Sun | Tiphareth | Gold 8 rays for the 8 Sabbats.
Moon | Yesod | Silver Crescent up to cup the Sun.
Earth | Malkuth | Green 10 points for the 10th Sphere. The Holly leaf of life growing on Earth.

For information about upcoming events check for flyers at local metaphysical bookstores or call:
Mark Pemburn at (410) 375-5877 North-central Maryland ||
email mark@pemburn.com Or

email Janice Chalas Note: Most of Keepers' activities are in Northern Delaware.
Keepers' Web Site

Coven of the Rowan Star

Coven of the Rowan Star is a coven based in Georgetown, DE that seeks to explore personal growth and transformation through both traditional Wiccan and Shamanic techniques. Rowan Star has been a working group since 1991 and is a charter coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan Tradition. It holds as its sacred tool the Pentacle of the Circle of Pisces, and is dedicated to the teachings and principles of The ASW.

Rowan Star has a series of both open and closed events and educationals during the year. The open educationals are meant to provide information to the community, and also to allow like-minded individuals an opportunity to get to know the members of the coven. Like the other covens in the Tradition, Rowan Star has a maximum membership of 21, and requires 6 months of attendance of open events before a membership request can be considered. Rowan Star currently has openings in its membership, and like-minded individuals are welcome to come to learn more about the coven, the Tradition, and Wicca.

Coven of the Rowan Star
P.O. Box 582
Georgetown, DE 19947-0582

Michael G. Smith, High Priest at (302) 855-9037
Darleen Aragon, High Priestess at (302) 678-5990

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