Location & Lodging

About Seelie Court:

Seelie Court is 102 acres of woods in Southern, DE near Georgetown. There are two driveways that enter onto Seelie Court both are on Deer Forest Rd. The driveway for Herne’s Hollow is marked Enchanted Way and the driveway for Dragonstead has a mailbox marked 14914. 

The ritual area of the Great Circle  is outdoors and is nearest to Dragonstead.  

Directions & Hotel Options are available at:

(302) 855-9422 (Dragonstead) or (302) 855-9037 (Herne’s Hollow)

Redden Lodge Option:

In addition to the nearby hotels, there is also the option of free rustic accomodations about 8 minutes from the site. It is an old hunting lodge with a kitchen and real bathrooms and showers. You need to bring bedding/air matresses and a certain comfort level with communal living. If you are interested, let us know. Though we are providing this as a free service, there will be a donation jar at Redden Lodge as it does cost us money to rent the space.

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