Astrology For BTW

Throughout 2020 there are numerous significant astrological markers. This BTW conference is intended to prepare us for the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 that is also the solstice. The dates for the conference will be April 9-12, 2020 which is the start of a Jupiter and Pluto conjunction cycle. There will also be a new cycle of Saturn and Pluto conjunctions.  

Just shy of every 20 years there is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that is significant, but usually not a world changing event. These conjunctions cycle through the Four Elements over the course of about 800 years. In 2020 we move from having Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions in Earth Signs to conjunctions in Air Signs. Each Element cycle takes about 200 years to complete. What this also means is that we are nearing the end of a cultural cycle that started in the 1840s and ends in 2020. The level of change and upheaval will be astonishing even what has already been a decade of the unprecedented. The desire for change, whether looking forward or backward will be intense at every scale from the individual to the global. No doubt much of the change will be destructive, but there is also great potential for good. 

Major Aspects Coming Up

January 12, 2020: Saturn - Pluto new cycle conjunction at 22° Capricorn, in a tight conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres. Saturn and Pluto conjoin while also on their respective South Nodes; the South Node of Pluto will be at 20° Capricorn, and the South Node of Saturn at 23° Capricorn.

April 5, 2020: Jupiter - Pluto new cycle conjunction at 24° Capricorn, still conjunct the South Node of Pluto at 23° Capricorn. This is just before the conference. The conjunction recurs on June 30.

June 21, 2020: solar eclipse at 0° Cancer (solstice point), with a loose Jupiter–Saturn–Pluto conjunction sextile Mars and Neptune in the background.

August – December 2020: Mars moves through Aries, direct and then retrograde, squaring the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

September 9, 2020: Mars turns retrograde at 28° Aries.

November 12, 2020: Third & Final in this series- Jupiter - Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn, also conjunct Saturn.

November 13, 2020: Mars turns direct at 15° Aries.

December 21, 2020:Jupiter - Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius. New Element Trigonalis Cycle! Also, this conjunction will be visible to the naked eye and will be so tight as to appear as one planet. The Ursid meteor shower will be in progress during the conjuction. 

Note: The 20-year conjunctions in this cycle are called minims, the 200-year cycle, media, or trigonalis, and the 800-year cycle of Elements, is called maxima, or climacteria. In the series there are ten conjunctions in each Signs of the same Element. So there are 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn in Earth, then 200 in Air, 200 in Water, and so on.


 2022 is the USA’s Pluto Return and 2024 is the USA’s Chiron Return. (July 4, 1776 chart)

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